Failing to receive notifications in my Android phone

Good morning comunity!

After reinstalling the latest versión of the Wyze App (dated April, 8th, 2021) I have lost the notifications in my Android phone.
I have reviewed the customizations in my phone and they are correct,
Same with the parameters of the app, All Cams are activated and events are correctly recorded and visibles through the app, But I do not receive any sound/notification in my phone.

Is anyone in the same situation ?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome Jandreup. Maybe you accidentally turned off push notifications in the Wyze app? Does the bell icon on your Wyze app Home page look like this?

or does it looks like this?


I have a similar problem. I bought a new Motorola Moto 5g UW and transferred all my apps. All apps work OK except the Wyze app. I get notifications and a vibration but no sound. I think this might have started when I tried to change the default sound. I have checked all the settings and all seem OK. Any suggestions?