Fail to upload

Why do I keep getting " failed to upload" messages on my v2. Internet is working and I have a new modem and router.

Welcome majorhurd… Are your failed-to-upload videos 3-4 seconds long? If so, they’re working on it. I believe the fix is being tested.


The length doesn’t make a difference. I can watch them on replay. But they won’t upload

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Do you mean you can watch them from the SD card via the “Playback” button but you can’t upload an event to the cloud?


If I go to events it says “failed to upload”, but if I go to playback it will run.

Sometimes uploads to the cloud (the 12 second videos) will take longer. Come back later and they should run. The playback button is totally different. That is playback from the local SD card on your camera.

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What Newshound said. :+1:

Also there’s a Wyze bug right now to which a fix is being worked. This bug manifests itself as 3 or 4 second event videos that result in a “failed to upload” message when you click on the event. I’m experiencing this problem for about 1 in every 20-30 events. For these “problem” events, I too am able to view the footage on my SD card via Playback, I’m just not able to view the event.

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I can go back 24 hours later and the uploads still aren’t working. This has never happened until recently.

Yes, the majority of the “failed to upload” videos are 3 to 4 seconds, but not all. I guess I’ll just have to wait and hope they get a fix soon.