Wyze Cam v2 and Pan firmware 4.X.6.191 released! 9/30/20

So now my cameras work.

Make sure the sd card you use is formatted to FAT32, If its under 32gb you can format on windows, I had a 64gb so I used a formatter online.

When you download the firmware (the JULY firmware) extract files, open the new folder and the bin file will be in there, rename to demo.bin , then i copied into the sd card. you can probably just extract the .zip file inside the sd card, but this is what I did.

Follow the instructions provided on wyze,
-Turn off cam, (unplug)
-insert sd card,
-Plug, turn on cam while holding the reset button,
-wait for it to turn blue, if it doesnt turn blue, like what happened to me, your file is wrong, or your sd card is exfat or something else. make sure its FAT32
-wait a couple of minutes, it says 4, i forgot about it and waited 10-15 minutes,
-now try and add the cam into your wyze app,

also, before all of this while i was figuring everything out, I left my sd card to record my surroundings, but you dont need to do that.

2 of my cameras saved the settings, one had to input my old settings.

This is on 2 pan cams and 1 v2


Guam here same as australia

Why would you change the detection setting vs. manual camera move???

What’s up with Camplus a lot of times only record 3 seconds videos. 4 and 5 seconds and when trying to view this 5 seconds video it says failed to upload event. What’s the point of paying for this useless camplus…


Mine is doing the same thing. Lots of 3 second videos which won’t load when trying to view. Only on my Cam Plus subscribed cams.


For Cam Plus, this version is horrible. Many 3 sec clips…Failed to upload events. Before, this rarely happened to me …


@stevebergmann @gyzmo
exactly! Glad I’m not the only one who having
This issue. camplus is a joke and frustrating we should get money back because it’s not working as described


It’s a bit annoying to pay for something that doesn’t work well all the time, but at least the event is detected and we can go and see it on our SD card. Hopefully it will improve because with the previous firmware, this rarely happened to me.

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I’m having the 3 second non upload able clips on cam plus on a V2. Add me to the list.

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Same scenario almost every upgrade, fix one thing and another thing breaks. I did not do the firmware upgrade so I’m not getting the 3 second clips but, I now get the failed to upload error which I never got before. I still think they have an API/CamPlus issue going on, just my 2 yen.

On the positive side I have not seen the no fragment error for a couple weeks! :beers:


In my case, they are related. When I see a 3 sec clips, I have the failed to upload event.

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I restarted all of my Cams and it start working again. I’m in US eastern time. So far no issues at all.

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Same here.


I have 6 pan cams - 3 here in NZ, 3 in Australia. After the latest firmware update all cams instantly failed with the error code 90.

I have manually flashed the NZ cams to the previous update - now working ok, all previous settings and footage retained.

The other cameras are now permanently offline, until I find someone in Australia with the skills, access and equipment to carry out the re-flash - making progress but a pain.

Moral of this?

Don’t EVER rush to upgrade Wyze Cam firmware. Wait a month.

It didn’t work fof me

Thank you so much for this info. Finally got my cameras back working! Legend.

All but 1 cam will work. Wyze v2…not sure why, multiple factory resets and nothing. I got my pan cam and othe V2 to work no problem. This sucks

Yeah, the real irony of this latest fiasco is, from what I can find out, all the changes in the latest release were to fix previous bugs. :astonished: :frowning_face:

I sent the reports of the 3-second clips up the food chain! Thanks for letting me know. Any chance you could send in a log through Account > Help & Feedback and then post the log number when you get it? I’ll get those over to the team.


I’m told that the 3-second videos are a known issue and that we’re working on fixing that. Sorry for the trouble!