Factory reset for cam pan v3

factory reset is not working for wyze cam pan v3

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A factory reset may require holding the Setup button in for 15 to 20 seconds with no SD card in it. You will hear a click when the reset is triggered.

A Factory Reset cam will require a new Setup Install procedure from the App.

Hi! tried doing your recommendation but still didn’t work. The light status is still on solid red.

Thank you

After you do this, do you hear a click and the Cam briefly repowers? Or, is there absolutely no change regardless of how long it is held?

Yes, absolutely no change regardless how long i held the set up button.

Interesting. :thinking: I am wondering if the setup button is working properly mechanically, if it is actually being depressed by the rubber cover at all.

Have you tried using a thin blunt object to depress the button?

When did you buy it? Within the past 12 months?