Cam Pan v2 boots in red status setup button unresponsive

I just purchased a Cam Pan V2 on Amazon and I unboxed it. I plugged it in with the provided power source and the indicator light stays in red status. The setup button does not result in any activity from the camera.

I attempted to unplug it and plug it in several times
I tried an alternate wire from my Insta 360 OneX
I attempted a manual firmware update which appeared to work, but the camera reverts back to a red indicator light.

Can anyone assist?

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Welcome to the community @91whiteyj , sorry to hear you are having these issues.

Try a factory reset:,This%20will%20reset%20the%20camera.

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How do you do that if you don’t have a port on your macbook air for an SD card? I guess tough luck on us?

No SD card needed. It says if you have one in the camera to remove it and then press and hold the setup button for about 30 seconds, I believe.

Let me try that and see

Hi @FriendofFeralCats, @spamoni4 is suggesting a Factory Reset vs. Manually Flashing a Camera, which is what I believe you are referring to using an SD card.

Not sure which Mac you have but this is an accessory you could use with a Mac to move files to an external SD card or of the like.