Eyes everywhere

Neighborhood kid did a double take on the WOC mounted on my mailbox


How is it mounted to the mailbox so it doesn’t “Wander Off” ? 1/4 - 20 stud threaded into the bottom of the cam? I can see my mailbox via my driveway cam so I have no need to do it.


Just a plastic wall anchor holding the mount to the mailbox. The camera can be removed from the mount,

It has been like that for over 2 years, but now that you bring it up, some miscreant will probably abscond with it tonight.

I don’t monitor the mailbox, I monitor what is going on by the mailbox.


His eyes were not looking at the camera. My wife has a resin chihuahua on the mailbox right in front of the WOC.

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A smart miscreant would take the snazzy dressed Chihuahua before the WYZE cam. Not trying to Jinx you. :grin:

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The doggie isn’t going anywhere. I drilled a 1/4” hole in the paws and matching holes in the top of the mailbox and used stainless steel rods to connect them together and everything is held with gorilla glue. It would take a sledgehammer or a hacksaw to dislodge it.

We received a nice piece of snail mail about a year ago from a neighbor. She was having a rough time (no details) and every time she passed our mailbox she would see the dog and it would put a smile on her face.

Our mail delivery person has commented on the dog also.

I got the idea from other neighborhoods. One has a head from Easter Island (it is incorrectly pointed at the street) and another has a gargoyle.

My wife has a lot of different things to dress the dog.

She also has a goose but it hasn’t been out of the basement in years.

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Are you sure the pool ready pooch wasn’t the reason for the double take?


What camera??

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I would do a double take and laugh also.

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Me too. And probably stumbled right into the mailbox :rofl:

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