Wyze Doorbell Video Camera, and Wyze Outdoor Cam recording issue

I have a Wyze Door Bell Cam at my front door, it faces the garage (it is perpendicular to the front door) It has the wedge space to turn it a bit towards the street.

I have a WOC in my front garden area, ground level, under some rocks, facing the front door.

I have a rule setup that upon the Doorbell seeing motion, it has the WOC upload a short video to the cloud.

Today, the following occurred where the Postal “Drop” off occurred 2 seconds into this recording:

11:46:07 to 11:46:19

But, the WOC never saw any of it, as it started recording at 11:46:23, long after Mr. “Let me Throw your packages on the Cement” USPS Postal Worker leaves the leaves the scene.

11:46:23 to 11:46:34

Is this normal? Did the Rule cause this issue?


The person appeared at about 4 to 5 seconds into the video, so that would put the time at 11 seconds. then the event goes to the AI Cloud for processing, when a person is detected it should trigger the rule to fire. I would have expected it to be quicker than 12 seconds from when the person was detected.

Have you thought about putting a motion sensor on the right wall as you walk up to the house. You can then trigger a camera to record when it detects motion. Those normally happen faster.