Outdoor Camera Motion Capture

Quicker motion capture. Often the person is well past the point when the camera starts recording.

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I would guess that the motion detection is late because the camera needs to “wake up” before it starts recording. I’m not sure if this could be improved with the current hardware. Maybe @WyzeDongsheng could give us the answer!

Same problem here and the fact that the camera it’s installed higher the detection zone gets smaller I used to get more coverage with my older indoor camera inside my front window

This is something that was discussed long before the camera was released. We were assured it wouldn’t be a problem so it must be your imagination. :grin:


I guess I have seen some conflicting info… is Outdoor cam supposed to capture motion and post to events?

Mine only does live video. I’ve turned everything I can think of and can visually see detection but nothing seems to be recorded or alerted.

Firmware .159
Beta IOS - 2.13.32 (1)


I would post your issue in the thread below, this is where WYZE employees are actively helping with troubleshooting the WCO