Extremely Disappointed, Angry, Feel Like Crying

I’ve had Wyze Cams and been adding more and more of their products. I originally purchased one camera because I was having issues with my vehicle and house being messed with. After the initial shock and amazement of how great these work, I went out and purchsed 4 more along with the “starter” kit, started to add the home security (door bell still out of stock), did lots of research online as was in the process of building a VMS locally as a NVR.

Today I had an incident with an individual who ended up hitting and knocking down my Wyze Cams. Now take in to account these are mounted on the top of the roof under the ledge. I did not thank goodness hard mount them as I am constantly having to access them to remove the SD cards and take footage off then replace SD cards. My internet went out (router got unplugged without me knowing). After this incident, I noticed the outage and then went and pulled the SD cards in order to save the “evidence” and add to the collection.

Upon reviewing of the SD cards, the cameras DID NOT RECORD WITHOUT INTERNET!!! The whole purpose of the SD cards being installed (well main reason) was for continuous recording even when the internet goes down. Now I have no evidence, no proof, and no way to prove everything that transpired!! This was the one piece of footage that would have finally stopped this individual and now I have nothing!

Why did this happen? When did the change occur because previously i have been able to retrieve footage without internet?

I am so distraught and disappointed,

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Normally, if you had them running and then they lose internet, they will keep recording to the SD card, but if they ever lose power temporarily then they will stop recording until they reconnect to the internet again to authenticate through the Wyze servers. Usually, once they can connect back to the internet, they will continue recording again.

It seems like somehow they lost internet and power and then didn’t restore their internet connection. Maybe they got reset somehow? That is frustrating. I’m sorry to hear of your frustration. I check my camera feeds from time to time to make sure I don’t need to do any maintenance (like reboot them or something).

I am curious, how did you get your post here to set up to say this:

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All posts have that. It’s part of the forum software.

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Not all posts, maybe just in the beta forum?

I thought so too, but I had someone swear to me recently here that that is NOT the case and that his or her cameras kept recording to SD after a reboot without Internet. I’m not convinced either way. @KKenui did nothing record to the Wyze cloud events either?

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@angus.black and @carverofchoice

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sorry to hear that!

my experience is that -
when u need the videos most, it is likely that the video unavailable…either due to sd stopping working or esle

i have all wyze products, but after sept this yesr i stopped purchasing like before and stopped recommending to others

Could be.
I know it’s part of the forum software that can be turned on/off. I assumed it was all or nothing.
I am on another forum that uses it everywhere.

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