External Amplified Speaker

I wanted to add a better and louder speaker to one of my Wyze cams for two reasons. One so the sound will be better and two so I can mount the speaker away from my cam so as not to reveal it’s location. I bought a cheap blue tooth speaker off Amazon (make sure it also has a speaker input [1/8" stereo or mono plug] ). It actually doesn’t need to have blue tooth but I couldn’t find a cheap stand alone amplified speaker. You can’t just add a larger speaker as the cam won’t drive it properly.

So, I opened her up and cut the wires to the speaker and soldered on a 1/8" stereo plug that came with the blue tooth speaker. This is the hardest part as the wires on both sides are very thin. Note: cut the wires closer to the speaker, not the connector (mistake I made). Use an ohm meter to determine which of the stereo plug wire sto join together so both speakers work if it’s a stereo speaker. For mine the red and white wires were right and left and the black was the common. Tie the left and right together and attach to the cam speaker OUTPUT wire not to the speaker and attach the other plug wire to the opposite one. As far as the wires from the cam it doesn’t really matter if you get them backward or not. I drilled a 1/8" hole in the back of the cam to run the wires. Then plug the new speaker connector back into the cam circuit board. Plug the jack into your external speaker and you’re good to go.



Great idea craigs92040
I have performed modifications on V2’s. Checkout my latest by searching 'Thinking outside the metal (steel) mailbox.
My next modification will involve swapping out the standard V2 lens with a wider angle one.
Do you have a picture/s of the finished installation you could share?

Victor Maletic

Use an amplified speaker from a desktop PC. Go to your works IT department. Usually they have lots of them lying around if not already being thrown out. Make sure you grab the “R” or the “L” with the amplifier. The other speaker is just a speaker that plugs into the amplified one. Don’t forget the power supply. Internally, disconnect the Wyze cam speaker. Tap the boards speaker output and solder the wires to the 1/8" speaker socket to receive the cable from the PC speaker.