Louder outdoor speaker ideas?

I have a remote cabin about 3 hours away that I have several Wyze cameras set up to monitor and detect activity. They are amazing! I have one of my cameras outside facing the lake that the cabin sits on. The property used to be used by a local RV park before I bought it, and somewhat regularly people still stroll onto the property and enjoy the lake view. We try to discourage this with signage, but some people ignore it.

Last week I got a notification of activity and saw a family on my property and tried to use the outdoor Wyzecam built-in speaker to ask them to leave, but it took 5-6 times and waiting for them to be close enough to the speaker for them to hear me. Any suggestions for an outdoor loudspeaker that I could connect near the camera that I could remotely speak through at a louder volume? Haven’t figured out how to do this within the Wyze platform, so maybe a third party phone app and hardware of some sort?

Appreciate any ideas!

There is also a Wishlist item for connecting an external speaker to the cameras. I realize that doesn’t fix your current issue, and I’m hoping someone can give you some ideas because I’m actually interested in the same thing.

Thanks, upvoted that idea!

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Maybe you could use Alexa echo with the drop in feature , plug in and amplified outdoor waterproof speaker to the echo (run wire inside to echo ) or wireless Bluetooth outdoor waterproof speaker , but they wouldn’t be able to talk back to you through that speaker or mount an echo outside enclosed some how

Good idea. Only downside is having to switch back and forth from wyze app to Alexa app. But it would work if not able to find a way within Wyze platform.

Yeah I was basically thinking out loud , first thing I can think of, if you were at home you wouldn’t have to switch just use an echo dot and talk

Ahh. Hadn’t thought of that scenario. Usually I am at work when I get trespasser notifications from Wyze. But weekends that would work!

I wasn’t thinking much about being away, I guess because I’m retired

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