Speaker on the Camera Wyze Cam V2

Hi All,

I just recently got the Wyze Cam V2, it is on latest firmware now
now I know that this camera originally designed for inside but I am using this camera outside of the main door. this great camera has on-board speaker, and if it lost connection or anything happens just like beginning of installation keep repeating “Ready to Connect”
so what i want to do is to turn off/disable the on-board speaker, because i don’t want for any reason in the middle of night or any time my neighbor get disturb, is there a way to do this, if someone knows please help.

It isnt going to say ready to connect unless you push in the button on bottom of the camera like you did when setting it up. If you lose connection or anything like that no voice commands go through the speaker.
You could open up the camera and disconnect the speaker if you are handy and don’t mind voiding your warranty.

Thanks for the reply, do you know in which situation the speaker make noises? I am assuming when we click on the the Mic on the app to talk right which will transmit voice from phone app to the speaker, if that is the only way, then i don’t need to bother disconnecting the speaker!

Some information you should read