Wyze Cam V2 Speaker Impedance

I have a V2 mounted in one of the those cases that allows it to be mounted with screws and provides some protection from the elements under a porch roof. It works well, but the speaker is somewhat muffled (and never sounded great to start with).
I recently saw a video on how easy the Wyze cam is to disassemble (I know that would void warranty). I was thinking about disconnecting the internal speaker and putting a jack for an external one, then plugging in an appropriate speaker so the audio would be clearer and possibly louder considering the small size of the internal speaker.
Before I start, I was wondering, does anyone know the impedance of the internal speaker? 4 ohm, 8 ohm, etc? If it is something odd that I don’t have in my junk box I would rather not even start the process, so hoping someone might know.
I did use the search box for the forum and didn’t find any similar topic.

I’m not sure what the built-in speaker impedance is but if you have access to a DMM you could measure across the + and - inputs and obtain the reading.

Thanks Chris. I understand that (although impedance and DC resistance aren’t the same thing, but I know how to get there). What I was hoping was to find out BEFORE I open the case, to make sure that a speaker of appropriate impedance is either something I already have, or easily available.
Although there are certain impedance speakers that that are common, that doesn’t mean they didn’t use something else, depending upon the needs of the circuit. For example, they may have had reason to use a higher impedance unit that is typically used for a headphones or something. So I was hoping someone else already knew what the value was. But thanks for your input.