audio quality, & camouflage

Hi, I’m really excited to use my new Wyze-Cam, and have two questions.

  1. Is there a way to improve the audio quality? I have it on high sensitivity, and it’s audible within 6’, but anything outside that parameter, and even though I spoke loudly and enunciate clearly, sounds very garbled. Is it possible to hook up a third party mic to increase it’s pick up capacity? Also, I’m not sure if it’s because I set it for high sensitivity, but it repeats what I say, and a lot of feedback type noise is heard as well.
  2. I want this camera concealed. I was hoping to get one in black to hide it better. I placed a window screen over it, and was able to see well despite the grid pattern, unfortunately the mesh did nothing to camouflage the camera.
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I agree , but for the price? I can live with the garbled speaker. Black would be great for eves.
But as others have mentioned added cost vs demand.

For the price, I would mask off the lense and vents, then use a plastic friendly can of spray paint.

The masking off, and painting flat black is what I’m going to do. I have a large Onkyo receiver all black and I can set my Wyze Cam right next to it and it would look like just another knob. What about the idea of a third party mic? The reason I want an audio pick up I can understand is because I think my room mates are pulling some shit, and I need to hear what they are saying about me when I’m gone.

Okay! Since you guys were nice enough to reply to my post, I thought I’d share a solution I came up with that solved both my issues. I ended up using a mason jar! Sounds weird, but it works on two levels. One; I have it arranged on my cluttered desk, so looking at it, blends in with everything else. 2nd: The glass cavity created a resonating chamber of sorts, so sounds are amplified! I can hear clear as a bell, even when I talk quietly 15’+ away.

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I no sooner resolve this issue, than I find another. I went to send (share), a stored video clip as a test to my email, and… nothing. Did it twice, said, complete, but has not showed up. This has been over 2 hrs. now. ???

2nd issue: not a biggie, but confusing. Out of the “blue” my recording went black/white! Color is gone. I thought it might be a light issue as it was getting towards the end of the day, so I increased the house lights, made no difference. I rebooted by unplugging, re-plugging the unit, the color appeared momentarily, but quickly went back to black/white.