Alternative to wyze for audio?

I got my wyze cam about 3 weeks ago and my biggest gripe is that the audio is abysmal. I mean just inaudible. I want it to record conversations I have in the doorway of my apartment and I have the cam literally 2 feet from the door, on top of a bookshelf about 4 feet high, so it’s like a total of at-most 3 feet from my face.

You can’t understand a word I’m saying let alone the voice of who I’m talking to in the hall. I mean 3 feet away! It’s sounds like the old Charlie Brown cartoons when the teacher/adult is talking “wa wah-wa-wa- waah -wa” . There’s not even any background noise to interfere. I even set my cheap ~$60 logitech webcam to record from 50 feet away and I get quiet but nonetheless audible audio all the way from the door.

I’m going to give this product 2 stars on amazon. It shouldn’t even be listed as having any audio capability whatsoever.

So my question is- what’s my alternative? I guess a wireless mic? I can connect it to usb near the door, and record on the pc. But I’d need software that does the automatic rotation every day, so it’s not just one constant giant file. Does anyone know anything that does that type of thing?

Actually when I think about it this is mainly a software question. I’ll go ahead and figure out the microphone alternative (and report back here), but what desktop software does that?



btw this was the main reason I bought the cam- for audio and automatic file rotation.

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The sound is a known issue and they are working On a fix


@mikecard See the following thread about sound/audio quality issues:


My cam records all conversations when motion activates them!

I can hear, my BT speakers, private convo btwn my brother n I too!

My gripes is using the speaker to talk, now that’s bad!
Aka The Charlie Browniest!

At our house we use Alexa drop-in to speak to each other. No push-to-talk necessary. Sometimes I watch the camera at the same time.

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