Poor Audio quality and battery life on Wyze Cam outdoor


Is anyone else having trouble with the audio on Wyze cam? When people are at my door I can hear them fine through the app but when I talk they cannot hear me. They normally do not even hear that I am trying to talk with them. The two way feature is just pointless. Not something new, has been the case since installing the cam. When I go to test it I cannot hear either unless I hold the cam in my hand and hold it close to my hear. And even then it is not great quality.

Also, is any one experiencing poor battery life? Since installing the camera, the battery never last more than 7-10 days. I thought it is supposed to last 6 months. I could understand only last a few months but less than two weeks seems unreasonable.

7-10 days for the battery??? Are you recording motion events or using live view ? Maybe the wi-fi signal is weak at the camera. I am charging one today, it is at 49%, Last charge was over a month ago and I am using scheduled event recording which uses more power. The cam is not on Cam Plus, it is recording all motion to the SD card in the camera with no cooldown period and a max video length of 2 min for each video. I just erased over 1.9 GB of videos from the SD . I don’t use the audio so no comment on that.

I get around ten 12 second events per day. I do not check the camera except the few times a week when someone is at the front door. I use it in place of the door bell since the doorbells were out of stock for so long. And I wanted something wireless. I just use a normal doorbell and then have the camera up above to the left of my door. It is around 40-50 feet from the base station. It has died 3-4 times since the beginning of April when I installed it.

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Is your base connected via ethernet or wireless? How does the signal at the camera look, 1 bar 3 bars?