A feature I would love to see added to Wyze V2 Camera

I would love to see a 1/8 audio output jack added to the cameras, especially the V2. Not sure if this type of topic allowed or where to add into forum, new to forum. This would allow user to very easily add a powered amplified speaker near the camera allowing for either great sound for conversation or to have a loud alarm if so desired to scare potential intruder. I am curious if any users have added a jack to the camera? Would love to be added to Beta tester list if one exists with camera and security type items.

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+1 on that.


You can join the Beta Team buy clicking on the drop down menu list under Groups.

I like your idea. Add it to the #wishlist and be sure to vote for your suggestion!


Thanks for all the information and helping me navigate around the forum board. Much Appreciated!

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Did this solve your query?

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Yes, All query solved. Moved question to Beta area. Thanks Much!

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OK Thanks @jeffryturner. Please check the solution box at the bottom.