Exporting data from Android app

I’m trying to export the data from my scale, but the only options it gives me are “Week” and “Month,” not “Year” or “All.”

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Can you scroll down on the page, Year and All options are there but it looks like they are cut off.
Or you may need to change your screen resolution (Visibility Enhancements?) to get to them.

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There’s no scrolling, and notice that the bottom of the screen (the “Export” button") is there…

What android device are you on?
What Wyze App version are you on?

OK, I changed the screen resolution on the phone, and now I see the buttons…although now everything is too small! Seems like pretty poor app design not to scale at all…

It’s a Galaxy S9+; Wyze app v2.39.0(79).


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Thanks for the update and additional information. This could be a bug. Were the settings that you changed in the Visibility Enhancements or somewhere else?

Any additional detail that you provide could aid in awareness and resolve if identified as a bug.

I have tried to reproduce on a Samsung Fold 4 and Pixel 6 and the page has shown me all options

It was under Visibility Enhancements, Screen Zoom. Display Size wasn’t an option.

If I reduce the screen size one step, the Year and All buttons are there but slightly clipped. Two steps (which is halfway down) they appear fully.

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Thank You very Much for the additional details.

Hey there! If you’re trying to export data from your Android app and the only options available are “Week” and “Month,” it can definitely be frustrating.