Wyze Scale Data Export

The scale and app generate a lot of data points. I’d like to be able to export the file to any common format.


Also looking to export Scale Data to a Google Sheets file. Or even a MSFT OneDrive file. Or a CSV record file so we can figure-out how to get it to a spreadsheet. Item 2). Now long does data live in the Wyze Scale. The Scale data purges once it is transferred to the App, but how many file records/weigh with data will the Scale hold, and for how long. Figuring there is an amount of data constraint, e.g. file capacity/size. Please advise how may weighs/data or how often we must sync to the App. Thanks!


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The scale collects significant data and I’m wondering how much or how long it gets saved and where it is saved. I think it would be helpful if the user could export this data do a file they could keep and possibly share with their doctor.


My doctor would love to receive my weight logs as .pdf file. if only there was some way to do that instead of editing screen captures.

I’ve always been a little frustrated by not being able to export the Wyze scale weight data so I could do some analysis or present it in a different format. I have figured out a work around, but while it’s not elegant, it will work for my purposes.

  1. Install the Google Fit app and linked the Wyze scale.
  2. goto https://takeout.google.com/
  3. export only the Google Fit data (it will take a little time, but a zip file will be sent to your email)
  4. the file will have way more info than you want / need, but use Daily Summaries.cvs.
  5. open the file with any spreadsheet apps then delete what you don’t need.
  6. the weight data from the Wyze scale is in kilograms (don’t ask me why) so you’ll need to add a column to convert the values to pounds (multiply by 2.20462)

The values reported are Average weight (kg), Max weight (kg), Min weight (kg), but in my case they were all the same. I only keep one weight /day (I delete the others if more than one) so that may be why the numbers don’t match exactly with what I show in the Wyze app, but they are close enough for my purposes. For me, I found that my average weight is greater on Saturdays & Sundays and least on Fridays. Interesting and easier to show my Doc rather than a series of screenshots.

I hope this helps until something easier comes along.


I would like to see exported data be only numeric values (i.e. “175” instead of “175 lb”) so that the data could be manipulated and sorted. I could then add a delta column and write a simple formula to generate the difference from day to day. Also, allow reformatting of some columns, like the date-time column per the values in MSExcel.

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Allow direct export of Wyze Scale data


I have Crohn’s disease and use your scale to keep track of my weight. Unfortunately, I have no way of giving this data to my doctor to keep on file. Please allow us to export our scale data information via a spreadsheet format or similar.

This is a function that is available today.

On Either Wyze Scale or Scale S go to - Settings, Export Data, enter email of choice and select timeframe.

You will get an email

That contains an .xlsx file with all of the scales data points


Anyone else having trouble with the export function?

I’ve tried it numerous times but have yet to ever receive an email. And yes, I’ve checked the spam folder etc. I’ve also tried having it sent to numerous emails.

Hello @neergaard and welcome to the community.

I just tried to export a week of data and received it fairly quickly. Are you getting any errors or anything?

No errors. It tells me that it will send something, but I never receive any emails. And, like a said, I checked spam and tried multiple email addresses. So, I’m confused…

OK… just tried again. This time I tried not just ALL, but started with the other options (week, month, year), then did all. And low and behold, I got 4 emails.

Nothing different, but now it works. Odd.


I am not sure why it was not before but thank you for letting me know it is working now. :smiley:

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And - as has been stated elsewhere here - mixing numbers and letters is not a standard format and surely not in the Excel (.xlsx) used for the export data.

Presently, it is pretty silly and suggest the programmer didn’t consider any standards what-so-ever. Examples include:

  • All cell values are in the ‘General’ format and should be content specific applying the proper formatting (e.g. ‘Data and Time’ is plain text and doesn’t follow standard Excel format)
  • Some headers already have units specified - why add them to actual values (i.e. Weight(lb) , (Weight(kg)
  • Other headers have no unit - these are added to actual values (e.g. ‘Body Fat’ , ‘Bone Mass’) or not at all (e.g. ‘Metabolic Age’)