CSV or Excel export for Scale and Band

Feature request, please and thank you :slight_smile:

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Yep! There are a few wishlist items on this also!

Oh ok, good. My doc is thrilled when I show him my blood pressure data from my bp cuff and I’d love to add the Scale’s data to the report

You don’t say if you are on IOS or Android but if you are IOS and you authorize the scale to link with Apple Health it will update all of these measurements and link to many major providers automatically.

I do have it connected to Google Fit, but also no export. Android on this end.

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Well… Seems this is possible with Google Takeout. These are the headers from the Daily Summary.csv file. Notice, Weight is in kilograms, but at least Google Fit and Wyze app play nicely, although the Takeout bit is slow, so not the ideal solution.

Date Calories (kcal) Distance (m) Average heart rate (bpm) Max heart rate (bpm) Min heart rate (bpm) Low latitude (deg) Low longitude (deg) High latitude (deg) High longitude (deg) Average speed (m/s) Max speed (m/s) Min speed (m/s) Step count Average weight (kg) Max weight (kg) Min weight (kg) Move Minutes count Heart Points Heart Minutes Inactive duration (ms) Walking duration (ms) Running duration (ms)

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Excel formula kg to lbs


I also want to be able to export data from tge Wyze Band to excel format. I’m tracking calories and steps per day.

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