Export Data from Wyze Band

Want to be able to export data from Wyze band from the APP or better from some API.

This is probably required under CCPA and GDPR.

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I can’t find this question so here goes. Does the band export any of it’s data to any other apps? Like the Health app or Loseit on my Iphone?
This is a big deal for me, I have tracked all my data from my fitbit to these apps.
I might put this aside if this is not something they are planning on doing.

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Wyze Band scale data capacity. How many days of data, will with Band store, prior to syncing?

It would be great if Wyze provided an API that I could consume from my own analytics apps. That would be so much more useful to me than a manual data dump. I would be willing to pay something for this, and I fully expect daily caps on API calls to prevent abuse. Please?

I just recently discovered that my Wyze scale function in the Wyze app can send an email with the weight results from the Wyze scale. This is a great functionality.

It would be great if the same could be done for selected data from the Wyze band/watch. Specifically, I’d like to have a sleep history for analysis.


Data export from the Band would be GREAT, especially now that the data is no longer displaying in the app! It would make the Band an actual useful device.


Honestly, I’m very surprised there isn’t a way to do this already. It’s my data; why shouldn’t I be able to download it or transfer it somewhere? C’mon Wyze, I kind of expect better from you.