Wyze Scale Data Retention - 1 year?

I’ve had the Wyze Scale since April 2020 or so… I’ve just started noticing that I don’t have data from back then. I only have the last 365 days. Why is this? Why don’t I have all the data? Can I export all the data that Wyze has on me?

The app GUI will only show you the last year of scale data, but you can export your entire history of scale data into a spreadsheet and have a copy of that and import it into something that will show you more than 1 year at a time. I recently exported everything and the spreadsheet file included over 16.5 months of scale data and 487 measurements, so it’s all still there, it is just limited to 1 year within the app. To export the scale data do the following:

  1. from the home screen, select the scale
  2. select the settings gear icon in the top right
  3. select Export Data
  4. enter your email address
  5. select ALL
  6. select Export
  7. wait for it to be sent to your email (one time it went to my spam folder, so check that too)

I hope that helps!


It does. Thank You.

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