Wyze Scale Data Privacy?

Does Wyze store and use the Wyze Scale data of it’s customers?

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I don’t work for Wyze so I can’t give an official response. The @WyzeTeam should be able to give you the details.
I’m pretty sure that the data is only stored in your account for your use. Your account information is stored on Wyze servers.

I do know the scale info goes to the cloud, as far as I am aware it is not used for anything and is secure. I can tag in @UserCustomerGwen who can probably give more info or get the proper person to answer.


I’ll ping @WyzeAlex for this one. :slight_smile:

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Wyze scale’s data is saved securely on Wyze AWS servers in the US. It will not be used for anything. Thanks!


If one does not want any data stored in wyze servers but is ok with Google Cloud Servers? Can we get all the same features and link the scale to Google Fit only and not the Wyze app ever?

I don’t believe that is possible as the integration with Google Fit goes through WYZE, Google cannot connect directly to the scale