Expand Cam Plus Lite compatibility to more cameras

I think you are misreading things. The OG isn’t compatible with CamPlus LITE. None of the new cameras work with LITE.

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I just Bought, V3 Pro, V3 Pan, Cam OG, Cam OG Telephoto… None of the new cameras work with CamPlus LITE :pleading_face: I was very disappointed to find out :worried::confused:. Cam Plus Lite needs to be included as basic functionality/ features for every wyze camera. You should be able to buy new products and still have the benefits of your servicE please, PLEASE add ALL CAM to camplus lite. I just want a 12 second clip like the other cameras, the photo doesn’t tell you anything :exploding_head::rage:. I didn’t see this thread until it was too late :money_mouth_face::sob: The web pages for the OG Camera shopping do not mention that Cam Plus Lite is not supported. Wyze team please consider this. Add all Cam-og and pro to CamPlusLite Please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m a big fan and I loved wyze camara’s and I bought a cam pan V3 and did hit this issue. VARY DISAPOINTED that cam plus lite isn’t working with the cam pan V3. Mentioned it bold on the product page and hadn’t bought this version. I’ll hope the wyze team will come back on this dissatisfied choose and add the new camara’s also to cam plus lite. For me NO new products and I will stop advising other people to look at wyze until this is been fixed.

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Enable Cam Plus Lite comparability with OG & Newer cameras

I wish that cam plus lite worked with Newer cameras. It is not supported with OG or newer cameras. Can this be enabled ?

Not sure wat I’m misunderstanding? However the og cam must be capable of working with cam plus to some extent without a memory card, because I have two OG cams one inside and one outside. The one inside would not allow me to connect with cam plus so I had to get an SD card to be able to record motion triggers. However, the one outside WOULD allow me to connect to cam plus so I didn’t have to get an SD card to record motion triggers, just like my other cameras that operate on cam plus. However, it won’t allow me to use smart detection, which is one of the features that you pay for with cam plus subscription. So, I would say the camera is capable, they are just choosing not to offer it on newer cameras, which makes no sense to me. This along with some other issues is causing me to tell everyone who has been asking me about my wyze cameras to pay a lil extra money for a more consistent and reliable camera line. I myself am looking into changing myself and trying to get rid of all of my wyze cameras.

According to the information on CamPlus it works with all cameras except the Wyze Cam V1. The OG is compatible. You might try deleting and re-adding the non-working OG to see if you can add it to CamPlus. They shouldn’t require an SD card, but the SD card provides additional functionality in case your internet connection is down.

Please add Cam Plus Lite support for Cam OG.

Update the free Cam Lite to available to all future cameras

Would you please update the free Cam Lite to available to all future cameras. As of now, Cam Lite is not able to use with Wyze Cam OG or OG Telephoto 3x cameras because these are newer cameras.

I have several different cam variations that I can add to ‘cam plus lite’. The only one not available is cam pan v3 – please add

Ditto here. I was not aware that some cameras would not be supported on cam plus lite. Not happy.

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28$ camera with a monthly charge to see 12 seconds of notification, Better figure what you want to do provide [mod edit] service or sell cams with some functionality. otherwise just garbage, have a V3 Pro and a new 3x and both are junk because I would have to pay for them to work the way they were expected to work. Looking for new solution non Wyze . tooled believe I have purchased over a dozen and suggested to many others.

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At the very least it needs to be advertised

Wyze OG NOT worth it if you were enjoying Cam Plus Light (Free 12 sec recording)

I have noticed that Wyze OG removed 12 seconds free recording and therefore you MUST subscribe annual or monthly cam plus plan to record any event. This makes show stopper for me since I have 5 cams installed outdoor and 3 of them are running on free 12 sec event recording.

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Cam Plus Lite is supported only on Non-Doorbell cameras released before 2/1/2021. Reference:

Supported Devices:

  • Wyze Cam v1
  • Wyze Cam v2
  • Wyze Cam v3
  • Wyze Cam Pan v1
  • Wyze Cam Pan v2
  • Wyze Cam Outdoor v1

This wishlist topic seeks to expand eligibility to additional cam types. Please remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button to show your support for this change request.

Well that stinks!

Logging into the Wyze account on the computer, and looking under Cam Plus Lite, it says “The cameras below cannot be assigned to this service at the moment”. Maybe Wyze will wise up and allow it at some moment.

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Wyze Cam Battery Pro Event

I have been using Wyze Cams for a long time now and recently purchased 2 Wyze Cam Battery Pro.

When i click on the event it takes me to a screen which just shows a picture, i would like to have the ability as i do with my other Wyze Cams to play a 12 second video, can this be added in into the next release?

While using the Wyze app, i am bombarded with pop ups to use Cam Plus, it is possible to disable this???

I look forward to your reply

No more Wyze cam plus lite on newer Wyze cameras

Please add Cam plus lite to more cameras. I just upgraded my doorbell to V2 and it’s not supported by cam plus lite.
The reason why I chose Wyze in the first place over all the other brands was because of the free 12 sec video.

I also recommend Wyze a lot of friends and family but that will change now as Wyze took out one of the biggest advantages they had. Bring back cam plus lite this will make waze more attractive to a lot of people.

Bring back Cam lite plus to all Wyze cameras

I recently upgraded from Doorbell V1 to the new Doorbell V2 come to find out it doesn’t support Cam plus lite. This is very disappointing as one of the biggest advantages on why I decided to buy Wyze cameras was the free 12 second video.

I also recommend Wyze to a lot of friends and family but that will unfortunately now change with the removal of cam plus lite until Wyze decided to bring it back. I’m very happy with the product but take out something so important as the 12 sec video is a huge blow that’s why my self and others will go somewhere else. I hope Wyze listens and brings back cam plus lite to all the cameras.

Also I will be returning my new Doorbell v2 because of this issue.

I don’t believe the Wyze Outdoor v2 is supported under Cam Plus Lite. If this is correct, can you let Wyze know the Outdoor v2 is listed on this Cam Plus Lite link as being supported?

This link lists the Outdoor v2 as being supported.

This link does NOT list the Outdoor v2 as being supported.

Just trying to have accurate information on both links so not to add to the Cam Plus Lite supported device confusion.

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Cam Outdoor v2 is supported, or at least it is today:

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