Everything Offline

Anybody else’s camera showing off-line? All of mine are showing off line But WiFi is working

Are you sure they are off line.A short time ago my 4 WCO were showing off line but they were not really, they were recording all events that showed up on the events page.Updated the app, signed out of the signed back in and all was well iOS app.

I can’t get anything off of them, can’t connect. I can connect to my outdoor cam fine though

2 days ago I woke up with all my Wyze stuff offline. Cameras, bulbs, doorbell. Cameras had flashing blue lights. I reset my router and all came back except a couple of bulbs and all I did was turn the switch off and back on and they were back. Don’t know what happened, that’s the first time this has happened to me.

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Thank you, that fixed it. It’s weird because everything else was working fine

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