Events Page?

Why does the Events Page look like this sometimes? I put a red circle and arrow to show the issue. It doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen on each of my 4 WCO every now and then. The videos are still there in full. Just curious ?

I was typing up some whole what I thought it could be then I went and looked at mine to see if it was happening to me as well… and it is. On both Android and iOS. Probably a caching issue.



Ok, this is interesting. I have seen the same thing with my WCO camera connected to CamPlus. The one not connected does not seem to have any issues.

Wonder if something is or was going on with the AI servers. Interesting to me is that the minutes are all about the same. 22.

Also, even though it shows 2m 17s, the streaming page will show an error and the time for the event is 0m 0s. so it never downloaded to assessment of the event.

@Antonius was at .25 and ours were at .22 but before I scrolled up I was wondering the same, if it was something to do with the .22 minute mark. No Cam plus on my WCO.

My event shows the right amount of time and is accessible.

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Well, there goes my theory :rofl:

I get the time on the main page, but cannot play it at all, says there is no time associated to the event. This was the only one like this though.

None of my 4 WCO are on cam plus, I am doing scheduled event recording. It is just strange but as long as the event videos are still there I won’t get to concerned about it (Yet) :upside_down_face:

well now, maybe I have the issue. :joy: I can’t play the video, which is different from you and @R.Good.

it has only happened once to me, so I will need to monitor.

Maybe there is something with the 22nd minute?

I may have to test this more