Recording hundreds of events draining battery

Recording hundreds of events draining the battery and filling the event, have 4 cams only one doing this, any ideas?

Welcome to the forums! Can you provide more info, as to what your settings are, what the camera view is, actually what type of camera you are using (although it looks like a wco but I want to make sure). As much info about your setup as possible will help those wishing to help be able to visualize what is happening and offer focused troubleshooting and possible answers. Are you using camplus?

The WCO has a pir detection system, so unless there is some issue with the software, the detection should be on actual movement as opposed to pixel change like in other cameras. Telling or showing us what your events are and what the camera believes the triggers are will help determine what the issue is.

If you would like to post event clips or photos, we can get the @mods to up your trust since you are a new users so you can post it attach those into this thread. You can also up your own trust level by actually participating in threads and reading and viewing other content throughout the forum.

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This is a outdoor cam,
Cam plus
Distance 85
Sensitive 77
Detection zone off
No cool down
Max video length 1 min
Night vision auto
Ir lights on

I set the camera looking at a wall inside the house and it recorded events constantly, no movement in view of the camera

Thanks for any help!

Processing: event1628705097000_2CAA8EEB102D131628705097.mp4…

Thanks for the photos. What firmware version is installed on the camera and the base station? What app version are you using on your phone? This seems like it’s a issue with the software or something because it doesn’t look like it’s triggering correctly. When did you buy the camera? I’d say our next course of action is to contact support and let them know the issue and see if they have any tricks or if warranted, replacement if necessary.

Cam FW
Base FW
App V 2.23.21
Did this with the last FW also

Night videos start with the ir lights on and sometimes go out in a second or two and the rest of the video is dark, i have 4 other cams 2 base stations, 2 cams on each base, this is the only cam doing this.

Thanks for the help