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What just happened to the event page? They have shrunk every event down to where you can barely see it and you have to individually open each event in order to be able to see it. This is horrible!Prior or you could just open your event page and see everything clearly. It seems lately my cameras are not capturing as much as they used to so this will be a nightmare with three cameras. I guess it’s time to look for something different.


Welcome to the forums! The event page gui was updated in the app update that dropped yesterday. Can you post a picture of what it looks like for you? Here is mine (new and previous version), does this compare to yours?

Just updated mine and yes it’s bad.

Hilarious! So folks want text to be more readable, so wyze updates to address that, but the side effect is a “less usable screen, overall”, i.e., the important piece - the still images.

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yea, the refresh when trying to scroll through the events is horrible and takes forever.

When you delete an event after watching it, you have to refresh the screen if you want it to disappear. If you erase events with the pencil, above, no need to refresh next. In previous versions, no need to refresh at all.

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I noticed that too under iOS. It’s not a problem on Android though.

Edit: Just found a similar bug under Android…

If I go to the Events page via the Events tab, watch an event and delete, it returns to the Events page with the event deleted as expected.

If I view the event directly by tapping the associated Android notification, watch the event and delete, it returns to the Events page with the event still listed. I can tap the deleted event and the app will sit and spin, then display a video not found message. At this point, I have to pull down/refresh to get rid of the deleted event entry.

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Wait, the image on the left is the NEW one? How is that an improvement in any way? The text is smaller and harder to read, the image is smaller, and there’s a really pointless “Recent Events” subheader wasting gobs of space.

I don’t update the app very often and will continue not to.

You must have posted that from your phone. This is what it looks like from an iPad.

Yep, my phone. Are there any display or font size settings on your iOS? I bumped up a display setting and things are larger now.


The zoom function on iOS actually works pretty well once you get the hang of it. Good suggestion, thanks. :+1:


If I may add my list of improvements to the Event Review Page:

  • MUCH larger thumbnails

  • Thumbnail should be ~0.5 second clip of frames that triggered event (including the motion tagging rectangle), perhaps an animated gif that cycles.

  • The new group-by-time is nice, but we need “Group by Camera”. Given this, we really wouldn’t need Filter.

  • Delete-clip should move the clip to the trash and be asynchronous. No need to prompt “Are you sure?”, just more to trash where easily recovered. Trash auto-emptied after 1 hr or so.

  • Each thumbnail row (and event grouping) should have a Trashcan icon for instant removal – eliminate the “edit” mode and the checkboxes.

  • Finally, when viewing a full sized event, deleting the event should NOT take you back to the listing view, it should just move the event to trash and show the next event.

Note: I have 16 cams that I monitor, so these improvements would help me tremendously.

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On the new event page, you can only erase20 events at a time. The old page you could scroll all the way through the days events and erase them all at once, this head become a pain.

I can select more than 20 events (iOS) I have selected 49 to test it and I could have selected many more. image

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Agree this is awful .
Thumbnails and text are too small especially for older persons requiring reading glasses .
Thumbnail is about worthless .
Wish Wyze would have allowed the user t select how many event they want on a page and base the size on this selection . I don’t need to have so many events on one page . I can scroll if I need to see more .
Come on Wyze this is awful.


Scroll down to last thumbnail … then place your finger on bottom of screen and hold it there, then slide it up the screen and release … the next 20 will be displayed.

Help… Can Wyze pls update the events page… if you decide to allow scrolling, pls ensure you keep the headers static. No reason for people to scroll all the way up again to do an action. And pls give us more than 20 at a time.

Just for the record here is a side by side of the events page before and after the last iOS update.
Left side = before and right side = after.
I found that my spare iPad hadn’t updated yet Yay!

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That’s pathetic isn’t it. Who could possibly PREFER the second interface.


Honestly I do, I like it much better but I think it can still be improved on

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