Inconsistent events page

every time I refresh the events page by swiping down it shows different results on the page. It removes some results and sometimes brings them back. I am on beta app 2.24.41 firmware
For example: it’s currently 10:22pm and I refresh the events page, I get events from 7pm, I refresh again and get events from 9pm,I refresh again and get results from 8pm. In other words not all events are listed.
I will post 3 screenshots of the the Events page after refreshing each time.

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screenshot #2

screenshot #3

Just checked my events tab and cannot seem to reproduce the issue. It would be interesting to see if the problem exists if you remove the person filter and have all events displayed. If it does, then put the filter back on and see if the issue is still there.

It could be a caching issues. to clear your cache, you can go to the Account Menu, bottom Right, then App Settings, then tap on the Clear link to the right of the Cache File line - position one in the list.

Android Devices
To ensure all cache is cleared, you could shut the app down, long press on the Wyze app, tap on App Info, Tap on Force Stop, the go to Storage and Cache and tap in Clear Cache. Then Restart the phone.

Note: On the Home Screen you will see all of your Thumbnails will be missing for your devices. These will come back once you live stream the camera.

Now: go to the Event Screen and see if the problem still exists.

Having the same issue with all of my v3 cameras with cam plus as well. Every time I refresh events list it changes when person filter is on. I have tried clearing memory and cache. Have formatted memory cards. When I don’t filter by person the list doesn’t change so it’s definitely an issue with cam plus, hasn’t been working right for days now. I did put in a ticket but still waiting for response.

I have verified this anomaly under the following app/OS versions and submitted logs for debugging with the following annotation: Repeatedly swiping down the Events page with Person filter enabled results in different Events being displayed for each swipe.

Production Wyze app (Android 10): v2.24.23
Log ID: 294598

Beta Wyze app (Android 9): v2.24.41
Log ID: 294604

Beta Wyze app (Android 11): v2.24.41
Log ID: 294611

Production Wyze app (iOS 14.7.1): v2.24.36
Log ID: 294606


Here is a video of what is being experienced. All I am doing is refreshing the Event Screen once I selected Person Filter:

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