Events only has last hour

Hello all. Just got the v3 but dont understand, why my events only shows the last hour, everything else appears to be gone? Any ideas what is going on?

Make sure you cleared all filters by clicking the hourglass icon in the upper right of the events page, and hitting “Clear”


Welcome to the forums! Scroll to the bottom and then pull up from the bottom to load more events. 20 are shown at a time. You can also click the day numbers towards the top to go back to the previous day.


I also am having a problem with my events page. It says No events found. Up until December 1st it was working fine. ALl of a sudden I can get on the home page what is going on but if I go to events to see when the parcelman came it doesn’t show any more. Any suggestions. I have a cam V3 thank you for any help.

Under the “No events found”, is there a “reset filters” button? Try that.

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