Events only showing the last 3 hours

Hello, Im using an Android and have cam plus and my events only show for three hours of a day, whether it’s the current day or the previous days. I’m aware of scrolling down but it only shows the spinning circle and does not update. I’ve tried turning everything on and off, removing and reinstalling app, allowing all permission settings to no avail. Odd thing is my wife’s IPad shows all events properly. Ive read of people canceling their subscriptions because of this issue and im running out of things to try here. Wyze support has repeatedly failed to get back to me.
Thanks in advance for any help in this area

You should be able to scroll to the bottom of the event list then pull up on the bottom to load the previous events. What type of phone are you using? What app version? Using WiFi or mobile data when trying this? Have you tried only mobile if connected to only wifi doesn’t work?

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I am having the same issue on the Android app on Wi-Fi and cellular data it only shows the last two or three hours of events I can go back to previous days but only shows from midnight till like 10 p.m. they all the shows the last 3 hours can anyone figure this out

If you scroll to the bottom it should refresh with more events. It can take a few attempts and sometimes you have to hold it there a while. It’s a pain, very cumbersome and should be addressed as a problem. Good luck

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