Missing events after # of hours

Cam version 1
Cam version 3

Only 4 - 5 hours of events are showing up. IE events show from 7pm - 11pm. This is for all three devices. Seems like the camera runs out of memory or just cuts off after specific number of hours.

Welcome to the forums! Where are you seeing this? In the even tab? Are you scrolling to the bottom and letting more events load from the bottom of the list? Any filters applied to the event tab?

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Yes, I scroll down to the bottom of the events tab and it bottoms out. Everyday from about 11pm to 8pm. No filters applied.

It appears you do have a filter applied, looks like you have it to only show the one camera you have shown in your screen shots. In the original post you listed three cameras. What I can see in your screenshots is filtering out the other two.

When you get to the bottom, it’ll stop. But pull up beyond the bottom and hopefully more will show up. Kinda like when you pull down from the top to refresh a page, pull up from the bottom instead.

Ha, Thank you Omgistony.

Thought I was refreshing, but not enough!!!

Time to get back to people walking their dogs!!

Take care.


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Glad it’s figured out! Thanks!

If you want you can click the “solution” tag in my post above so that anyone reading this post in the future can easyly see the solution to your question.