Events list not updating

While trying to scroll down through events list, only limited items show and list will not repopulate with older events. If I try to scroll down further, I briefly get spinning wheel, but no events load.

Same here

The app populates the Events list with the latest 20 Events. To view more, scroll to the bottom of the list, drag the screen up with one finger and hold it up for about 2 seconds, then release. It should populate another 20 Events. If you don’t see more, you either have no others or your Events filters preclude viewing them. To clear filters, tap the funnel icon in the upper right and hit Clear All, then Show Results.

I have noticed if I select camera groups it rarely displays all cameras in the group, this has been on-going through several app updates.

I select each camera rather than use the group selection, which is my work around for the poor coding of the app.

We all know pushing new products takes precedent over quality software & firmware, It’s the new Wyze way…