Camera Group Events Issue?

I’m not sure if this is an issue, or if I’m doing something wrong.

I have two cams setup in a group on the app. All the events are supposed to display there, so I can mass delete the events as I need.

However, I noticed that not all events are going into that group event page. Some events are only visible if I click on each cam, and review the events from there.

Sometimes, if I force stop Wyze and reboot, those events will repopulate in the group event area (which is what I want). Sometimes they don’t, which means I have to delete each event one by one.

Has anyone had this happen? Is there something I am doing wrong?

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There is no “Group Events Area”. There is one events list that contains every cloud event upload from every cam you have installed listed by day in chronological order.

You then have the option to utilize the Filter feature.

Using the Quick Filter buttons at the top, you can instruct the app to only show you the Events tagged Person, Pet, Vehicle, etc. You also have the option to drop down and select a specific cam to further filter the list.

The funnel in the upper right will show you every filter possibility. The check marks are those items you will see. You can instruct the app to show you Events from all cams within a specific cam group, individual cams, type of Smart Detection Events, or triggered by motion or sound. Keep in mind that if it is checked, it will show. Clicking clear all removes all filters so that every event uploaded to the cloud from every cam will show.

Also, there really is no reason to delete events. These are on the Wyze server and will be deleted for you in 14 days automatically.

I appreciate the response, and is good to know they are deleted in 14 days. I just don’t like the clutter, since I’m still trying to figure out sensitivities to keep the cams from triggering so often.

I guess I need to be more descriptive. There are buttons along the bottom of the app “Home, Events, Monitoring, New, Account”.

Some events go to the “Events” area found there on the main screen. I want them there. I can delete all the events at once from there by clicking on the pencil icon, selecting all and deleting.

Other events are not always going into that location. Some events only show up if I click on my group of cameras that I made, click on each live stream, and then go to “recent events”. I can only delete those one by one. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, force stopping the app and rebooting will put those events into that main events area (what I was trying to express as the “Group Events Area”) where I can use the pencil to select all and delete. Sometimes it doesn’t work.

The “Recent Events” that you see at the bottom of the Live Stream is a feature only available on the newer cams. That is the “New” UI. That list populates the same Events for that single cam that are within your Events Tab, but it doesn’t adhere to the same Filters. It has its own independent filters. Because each list (Cam UI vs Events UI) has its own filters, you may see Events in one list and not the other.

If you click Clear All for the Filters in both lists, you will see that all of the Events for that cam shown in the Cam UI Recent Events will show within the master Events List UI.

If you are not seeing this happen, there may be an issue with the App. What App Version are you running?

Ahhhh thank you! It might be that I didn’t realize these were the same events. I’ll confirm as I get hits today to see if maybe I wasn’t recognizing these were the same events.

I’m running app version

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The Recent Events list is limited to a set number of events that it pulls for that cam from the top of the Events Tab list. If you scroll to the bottom of the Recent Events, you will see that there is a button to see All Events. This will launch the Events Tab and show you all the events for the day and you can also select prior days up to 14 days ago on that cam.

But be aware, doing this WILL reset your Events Tab filters as it launches the Events Tab with the single cam filter already in place with no Event Type filters. Quite annoying. I don’t use the single cam view Recent Events because of this. With 27 cams uploading, it would take forever to review Events one cam at a time. I only use the Events Tab with filters in place to hide the simple motion events and only show me the Cam Plus Smart Detection AI Events.


Thank you! This all confirms that I just didn’t understand the difference between the recent events in each cam vs. the events tab. I also confirmed that the events in both places are the same events. I was just confused as to how to use these areas. Looks like I’ll follow suit and spend my time in the events tab.

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Totally understand! There was a lot of confusion when the new UI was first introduced a while back. There are still some issues with it I wish they would work out. But once you get used to it, it is manageable. Good luck!

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