All Wyze events not listed, Cam v2, SD

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11 Jun at 11:50

I have a wyze cam version 2. Have SD card. No subscription. I turn it on at night pointing outside. In the morning I review the events or might just delete those in the list. Then I turn the camera off until that evening

I have the app on my Android phone.

When I look at the phone in the morning I see a number of notifications of course at the top of the screen which I just swipe off.

I then go into the wyze app and click on events and look at the list or I might delete them all per your menu.

I stumbled upon something today that if I were to click on a day in the event screen and select prior days that some recordings are still there that I never saw.

So this leads me to believe that when I go to the event screen the app is not showing me all of the events listed .

So what I did today a is to reformat the SD card and see what happens in the future.

**Is there any reason that you could think of that on the event screen it doesn’t show me all of the events? But then when I click on prior days it shows me some events I haven’t seen??

Is theevent screen not showing every event perhaps after midnight since it goes to a new day and I’m looking at it the next day? .

But this wouldn’t make much sense because these events that are recorded should be under the events section in a list like it normally shows regardless of the day.

Important I think: When I get up each morning and look at the events I then shut off the camera until the next evening when I turn it on and go to bed

Any ideas per my question noted with **??

Thank you very much, Peter

By the way stay healthy in these crazy times. And I’m looking forward to your announcement of new products between now and the end of the year. Keep up the good work

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The only thing I can think of is when you initially go to the event screen it does not pull up all events, only 20. You may be reviewing those 20 and deleting them, then when you go back in it shows more. A way around this would be, when you enter the event screen scroll all the way down and it will keep loading them until there is no more for that day, then review them and delete.

I certainly have less than 20 so I think I know what it is. I think it may be that it is storing a snippet of the videos in the AWS cloud for 14 days. So even if I delete them from the event screen by selecting all events, if I then select a day there are still videos there. And the calendar I believe only goes back 14 days. So that is my guess.