Missing Events Tues Feb4th

I check my events every morning.
Today the Event page has nothing. Yet if I goto my SD card Playback, I can see events happened on Tuesday night and early Wed morning.

paper guy delivery etc.

The blank Event page say I should turn ON event.

I am still on last version of Android App and firmware for V2.

Anyone has similar issues.? or it is WYZE server?
My V2 is over 14 days since activation.

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just to add. I checked the events on Tuesday 4th. seems they are there but the 5th from 12am to 8am. nothing on Event page but sd card has the events segment.

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I would definitely start a support ticket. That’s a pretty big issue


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I am monitoring. Postman stopped by and Yes, there is a Event popped Up.

I csn only speculate the V2 detected events while WYZE server is probably sleeping or downed. Thus The reCorded clip still in sd card but no Events in Events page. I would not totally rely on WYZE notification.

I guess only WYZE can answer this. Good to have a Page showing WYZE server up/ down status health …

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I have been thinking. It could also be internet down… but not 6 hours.

what if no internet. but v2 detect motion. will Events shiwn up on EVENTS page. ?Does V2 has to contact WYZE mother ship to be able get 12 secs events?

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Oh the Internet can be down for six hours. I’ve had my Internet out for two days before. It took them a long time to figure out where the problem was and then how to fix it.

Today 6th, similar thing happened.

I suspect it is WYZE is test ing the new detection alogrithm in their server.

The detection zone box probably works better. and the dust 2 dawn is better. WYZE may be improved the change of lighting. I have lical sd clips for 1 min but not Events.

Ihooe WYZE communicates better.

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I experienced this and was disappointed in the performance of the app. I was receiving notifications but when I went to the Events page nothing was there. Then I tried this: in the Events page, click on the day before then click on the current day. All of my events suddenly appeared for the current day. It’s as if the clicking between days causes the Events display to refresh with the most current events.

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