Missing Events from v3 cam in my app, but they appear in app to which cams are shared

I have already submitted the following as a support ticket with Wyze, but I’m copying it here in case anyone in the forum community has experienced a similar issue and to see if maybe there is something obvious I’m missing. Thanks in advance for any input

Missing events from Wyze app, but they are captured and displayed both to
the Wyze API and to another Wyze account to which the cameras are shared.

The two camera models involved are:
Wyze cam V3
Wyze Battery Cam Pro

And both are set up as litter box cameras to monitor our cats litterbox use.

My account is the primary account to which the cameras are associated.
My partner’s separate Wyze account, with a distinct userID has access to the
cameras by virtue of me sharing them with his Wyze userID from w/in my Wyze
account through the app.

There are two separate, but probably related issues.

Both cameras have, on a couple of occasions had the settings for Event
Recording flipped to ‘Smart Detection’ instead of ‘All events’

I am almost certain I never changed this setting. During the period when the setting
was ‘Smart Detection’ I noticed events missing (since they didn’t match the Smart
Detection criterea). What’s odd is, the events did appear in the event feed
on my partner’s account in his instance of the Wyze app

Just today, on the Wyze Cam v3, despite the Event Recording setting not having
changed from All Events to Smart Detection, there were a couple of events that
did not appear in my app’s event feed, but did appear in my partner’s account.

Make sure you don’t have any event filters enabled on your account.


Thanks; I do occasionally use event filters but they are currently unfiltered. Moreover, I think when you filter/unfilter it just hides/shows the events; in my case the missing events are just plain missing not just filtered out. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Do you or this other user get notifications for these events? I’d enable notifications for troubleshooting to test this out. Have these events ever shown in your app? What ACTUAL app version are you using?

Ok so I feel really dumb now, but I did have a filter applied I just didn’t realize it due to me misunderstanding the UI.
In the Events tab, there are three filter widgets, one for ‘Person’ which was selected. I only ever (intentionally) select filtering by ‘Camera’, which is a drop-down so I didn’t even register the other two buttons as filters. Totes my bad, and thanks to those who tried to help (but you can’t help stupid, as I am sure we all know).

Thanks for the update! Figured it was an easy fix! :slight_smile:

Glad you figured it out…

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