Event Filtering Issue - Incomplete List

Curious if anyone else has this issue and how to resolve.
I’m using the Android App - version 2.24.23, however this issue i believe was happening before the latest update as well.
I have person enabled for event filtering to only show events where a person was detected.
When I manually refresh by pulling down on the list I get new events, some with older timestamps that didn’t show up initially, but also missing some. When I refresh again I once again get a different list with more missing events.
It seems as if the refresh is only bringing back sparse random events and never the complete list. As such I can’t trust the filtering and have to disable filtering and manually scroll to find all the person events to see them all.

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Welcome CBlack. :+1: Wyze is aware of the issue… no word on a fix yet.


Hi CBlack.

I was getting ready to post this exact issue, so thanks for getting it posted first.

I’ve noticed that if I remove all filters (i.e. show everything) I seem to see all events, but adding a filter causes events to be lost - sometimes even if the event matches the filter.

If they are aware, as Seapup says, hopefully they’ll figure it out soo