Events from 2 of 17 cameras not loading properly to cloud

I have 17 Wyze cameras in 3 different houses. All have Cam Plus.

I have been having an issue with 2 of the cameras where the events appear in the app & PC Live Stream, but will not play the video. I submitted log #418182.

Both cameras are v2’s. The wifi strength at both is 3 bars (full strength).

When viewing the event list on the iPad app v2.27.32(5), many (but not all) of the events indicate they are 5 minutes long. When I attempt to view the event, the “loading” text appears for a few seconds and then disappears. The event does not play, and then the “? Help” logo appears below the lower right of the video frame.

When viewing the events via the PC Livestream (Windows 10 via Chrome browser), a black screen appears with the messages, “No compatible source was found for this media.” and “Our Apologies! The event didn’t load. Retry

All of my v2’s, including the 2 with the event issues, are using firmware

I can play events from the other 15 cameras with no issues,

Your help and/or assistance would be appreciated.

Could be that the events may have gotten corrupted. Couple of things you could try:

  1. Start the App, go to Account > App Settings > Clear Cache. Then Shut the app down. Go back into the app and see if the events play.

  2. Restart the Camea via the app. Go to the Live Stream, click on the Gear at the Top Right, scroll to the bottom and restart the camera. Shut the app down, wait about a minute to let the camera come back up and see if you can Live Stream it. If you can, check to see if the next event is playable.

  3. If you have access to the camera’s, remove the power from the camera, wait about 15 seconds, the connect the power back and then try to trigger an event.

When I experienced this in the past, By performing the steps above, seemed to have corrected the issue. Option 3 above, seemed to work more frequently.


Following up on this issue:

Performing #1 and #2 fixed my issue.

Thank you.

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Thanks for following up. Glad it is working for you now.

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I have this automated via rules. Each night at an off hour I have a few rule to stagger the restarts of each group of cameras. @AlbanyHDTV this may help you keep things online.

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Good Point, I have a Shortcut Rule to do this as well. But not automated, I do it.

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