Event Reports not working

I have 12 cameras all with the annual Cam Plus “Annual Plan - Unlimited” plan. I have one camera on the “Annual Plan - 1 license”. I have exactly the same issue since the feature was announced. It has not worked and all the things I have tried have not made any change in the symptoms that you are experiencing too. Definitely post here if Wyze or you figure out what is the cause of this. P.S. I’m running beta software too.


Same issue here.

Yep, same thing here too. I have cam plus on my critical cameras, and I don’t on the unimportant cameras, and when I click that button, I get the same sequence of pages about the benefits, with the final “signup” page, that just takes me to my cam plus licenses page where it shows my cameras with cam plus licenses. I tried this when it first showed up, and thought that it must be a special feature for an additional subscription cost. Then I read the announcement email from Wyze today, and updated the app and tried it again, with the same result.


Same issue here. Perhaps not all users have been entitled on the server end yet. I wish I could get rid of the overview screens for it, at least.

Hate that its not working for you but glad im not the only one.

Log # 827382

Log # 827404

Log ID 827451

Thanks everyone for the logs. @Kanghui would you be the one to check these out, or should I tag someone else? Thanks!

Thank you guys! I will pass these info to the team. Keep you posted.

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@meris23 @bushpilot @yan Could you please resubmit the log and make sure choosing the camera this time (The one you would like to check reports with). Thank you so much!

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Wyze Cam V3 with Cam+ log 827875, not allowing Event Reports.

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Thank you! May I have the MAC address of this camera please? For some reason it doesn’t show me on this log.

Mac 7C78B26F7F46

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Just did. Log ID is 827980 and MAC is D03F275A1D7C

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Oh good, it’s not just me

Log 828849


Same as others. All my cameras aren’t working with this feature