Event recording shows black screen

Over the past several days I have noticed that when viewing an event and switching to Playback I am getting a black screen and nothing else,
In an attempt to remedy this I have cleared cache, actually reformatted the memory cards in case that was an issue - all to no avail. As I type this I will get a notification of motion, go to that camera (on the app of course) and view the motion event but then when I switch to playback and let the data load from the camera it’s just a black screen.
What has happened here? Any suggestions?

Was there any “event” that happened between the time this worked to the time it didn’t work. For example
a) it was working fine on Wednesday.
b) on Thur, the cam’s firmware was updated
c) on Friday. it doesn’t work

Thank you for your reply!
No, there was no event that took place. We didn’t relocate the devices, have any power interruptions. No new software or updates.

I am a beta tester but the same problems exists on my wife’s phone and she is NOT a beta tester.

We depend on the timeline recordings to see the events that trigger notifications -

Thank you!

Since you’re on beta, I would have posted this in the beta category. Also, I recommend you and your wife submit logs thorough the app so the devs can see the issue you’re having. :slight_smile: