Events won't load

I have had no problem until recently…records, plays live just fine but will NOT play events at all. Just says loading. Any ideas

Appreciate it, thank you

Your app is probably on the old version. Make sure the app and firmware are updated. :slight_smile:

No, there appears to be an issue. On latest app and firmware, but events from cloud won’t play.

All my devices show offline, but when I tap on the cameras, all of which show offline, I connect and can view the stream.

I’m out of luck with outlets and sensors though.

That sounds like a different issue, but that’s definitely strange. I don’t know what would cause that. Maybe try deleting, then reinstalling the app?

Also experiencing this issue currently. Doesn’t affect all the events, but probably every other 12 second clip just loads forever and doesn’t play. And it’s ALWAYS the exact clip that you NEED to view, so that’s awesome. I was about to purchase a subscription for cam plus so I could record all the time, but now I’m hesitant. The app seems to be touch and go as it is (takes a long time to turn bulbs on and off, sometimes is offline, etc), and already I’ve had connectivity issues with my outdoor camera, too. I’m thinking I can’t rely too heavily on the cloud services here. Ugh. Did anyone else find a solution???

Same here. I tried deleting cache and closing the app but when I go back in, I still can’t load the affected event. SD playback during that timeframe still works though, so that’s my workaround.