Event recording not working after latest update

I have all of my cameras set to record events when motion is detected (sound is unselected). I updated to the newest firmware earlier this morning, and now they are not recording events. Anyone else having this issue?

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I haven’t been having any issues with the new firmware. Try power cycling the cams.

I’ll give that a shot :+1:

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I also found that 1 of 6 cameras was not recording motion clips. after I restarted the camera and also restarted my phone, it began recording motion again.

I do not have the scale yet I continually received notifications to do something with my scale.

That’s weird. My cams are working fine. Did you try deleting the camera and adding it to the app?

We’re currently investigating what’s causing some devices to miss motion detection clips.

As for that dastardly scale message, we’ve confirmed with the Scale team that it’s been weighed, measured, and found wanting (aka removed). All scale jokes aside, we’re sorry about that.

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