1 of 3 cameras is showing black screen for events

All 3 cameras work great for live viewing but when playing events, one of the cameras shows a black screen.

I’ve tried shutting camera off and on and turning my iPad and my iPhone off and on.

Do I need to return this camera or is there another suggestion?

Is this happening for all events from this camera, or just some? Are you able to view these events from a diffrent devices?

Can you send some screenshots of the event list and when you click on an event?

Thanks so much for replying. I’m a brand new user and a light bulb finally went on…I had 2 of the 3 cameras setup with cam plus. I didn’t realize I needed cam plus or an SD card to view events. That’s why I had a black screen on the camera without cam plus. I searched quite a bit prior to posting and didn’t find this information. I switched this camera to cam plus and tested it. All is okay.