Event recording on outdoor cam

Went outside this morning and my outdoor cam was completely turned around. A complete 180. Obviously it was moved by someone or something. Checked the events, nothing. Makes me wonder if it will be useful if there is ever the need for it to record an event. Has anyone else experienced obvious movement with zero event recording?

I have not, with three cams. I have had animals approach and sniff and I have picked up and moved them myself, and always gotten event recordings. Makes me wonder if something struck or pushed it from out-of-the field of view of the PIR motion detector. It detects motion based on heat not actual physical movement, so that should not trigger it.
Glad it’s still there, not stolen!

I have from a drooping mount. It’s actually very possible. If the actor approaches outside the PIR detection zone and moves the camera quickly (that will activate the PIR and wake up the camera) then stays out of video frame (the pixel based motion capture algorithm will see no motion) there will be no event triggered.

Not getting events to record