Event playback pauses when you “pinch and zoom” the video timescale

I think this bug was introduced at around the time the new video libraries were implemented.

My setup: Multiple Android devices (Android v7 and v8) running Wyze app v2.10.74 and with Wyze Cam v2 firmware v4.9.5.111. Camera has an SD card that records motion events (not continuous recording).

Steps to reproduce this bug:

  1. Go to the live stream view for the camera.
  2. Touch the “view playback” button.
  3. Press the left arrow to move back to the most recent event. The event will start playing and that can be confirmed by the changing timestamp. Note that the play/pause button has toggled to “pause” meaning it’s ready to let you pause the playback.
  4. Zoom in on the timescale using “pinch and zoom”. The video will pause and you can confirm this by the static timestamp. (Old versions of the app did not pause when you did this.) The play/pause button remains at “pause” when it should have toggled to “play” because the video is actually paused and your only option is to play.
  5. Touch the “pause” button and the video will start playing again.
  6. Touch the “pause” button and it will toggle to “play” and the video will stop playing, as expected.
  7. Touch the “play” button and it will toggle to “pause” and the video will start playing, as expected.

Can anyone else reproduce this bug?

I actually didn’t know that I could zoom in and out of the timeline! Thanks for that, very useful!
Anyway I tried to reproduce and the video doesn’t pause when zooming in or out on the timeline, however the first time I tap on the play/pause button after that is ignored, no matter if the video was already playing or not before. Any subsequent use of the play/pause button works as intended, unless I use the pinch-zoom again on the timeline.
Android 10, app version 2.10.74

It sounds like you have reproduced the issue? In summary, every time you zoom in or out on the timeline, the playback pauses and the button fails to toggle to “play”.

Tip: Once you’ve zoomed in on the timeline, touch and hold it and then slide your finger to move back or forward in the video, i.e. “scrubbing”. With a bit of practice you can move forward or backward about 20 seconds at a time.