Add a button to playback timeline to easily switch timescales

Using two fingers to pinch in/out and change timeline zoom level is a bit difficult and almost impossible when holding phone with one hand.
Adding a zoom button - let’s say a magnifying glass icon - to switch between zoom levels (we have 3 levels now) will really help with this.
Every time tapping the button would switch to next level and then back to level 1 (…1 > 2 > 3 > 1 …)
The empty area under right end of timeline looks like a good place for this button.

FYI, you can double tap the image to switch between two zoom levels. When using this to zoom in, it zooms to the place that you tapped.

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Hi Loki, and thank you for the comment.
My suggestion is about the timeline (looks like a ruler) under picture. It has 3 zoom level and helps to choose moving forward/backward faster, or slower but more accurate.
I will add a picture to my post to make it more clear.

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Thanks @Ryan.H for the clarification. I have edited the topic title to make it more clear that it’s not talking about the image zoom.


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A tip that Loki mentions for changing the playback timeline when using continuous recording, by pinching out and in with two fingers, is really important. I accidentally did it and didn’t understand what had happened–until I found Loki’s tip. The default timeline indicates every 20 minutes but can be pinched out or in to every 2 minutes or to every 60 minutes. I really think this should be placed on the app software as a feature to be used if desired, perhaps under Device Settings-Advanced Settings.

There is an animation that happens when the timeline is pinched. But having a button there as requested in this topic would, I think, help with your request.

Hm-m-m-m. I don’t see any animation popping up when I pinch. No big deal, but the button sounds like an idea. Regardless, having a description of the function in the app would be good. Thanks.

Here’s the animation:

Also, when you first use Playback, there should have been an overlay that shows the controls. If you delete and reinstall the app, you will probably see it again.

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