Recording playback viewer limitations - improvements needed

Improvements needed:

  • slider for viewing playback is too jerky - we need a way to fine-adjust. I suggest a slider, then single and double arrows that go forward/back by 1 minute/5 seconds. Almost unusable as it, the most delicate fiddling only gets you within 4-5 minutes of where you’d like to be.

  • when playback reaches the end, it freezes, and you can’t rewind to play a section again - you have to exit and come back in

For the first item, put two fingers on the timeline and move them apart (pinch-out gesture). This will zoom into the timeline for finer control.

For the 2nd item, if this is happening consistently, you should submit a bug report (support request) for this: support request.

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The tip that Loki mentions for changing the playback timeline when using continuous recording, by pinching out and in with two fingers, is really important. I accidently did it and didn’t understand what had happened–until I found Loki’s tip. The default timeline indicates every 20 minutes but can be pinched-out to every 2 minutes or pinched-in to every 60 minutes. I really think this should be placed on the app software as a feature to be used if desired, perhaps under Device Settings–Advanced Settings.