Timeline arrows missing from playback screen that is activated from event playback

Android app v2.8.24 (running on Android v7 and v8) and with Wyze Cam v2 firmware v4.9.5.98.

Steps to reproduce this bug:

  1. In portrait mode, start playback of an event.
  2. Press the playback button. The video playback screen is displayed. The left and right arrows are missing from the timescale shown below the video.
  3. Rotate to landscape mode and then back to portrait mode. The arrows are now visible.
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Can anyone else reproduce this bug?

I don’t have anything running the exact versions you do but I could not replicate it, I have the arrows show

Yes, same happens here under Android 9 running same app and firmware versions.

Thanks, should I submit this to the devs?

Yes. :+1:

Reported to devs. Ticket 464752.

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