Event Playback/Pause button is very aloof, can it be adjusted to be more visible longer?

Myself and a few customers are struggling to pause our event playbacks at the right spots to focus in on a specific image.

Can the Pause/playback icon be made more visible slightly longer?
We are all using iPhones and this may only be a ios issue, or simply we’re just not fast enough?

I don’t know the answer to that, but I find if I save a clip, then the phone can let me dial in any frame I want from the Photos app. I can also transfer it to my Mac to do the same in a larger format using Quicktime. :slight_smile:


That’s a great plan B @Newshound . I like it.
I think this might be the actual solution, as any mod to make app scroll thru the images like the ios photo viewer, would be too intense and slow down the app too much.
But if the team can tweek it without adding any more code, it’s probably going to be that little something that gives us the warm and fuzzy we all want. :sunglasses:

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Why are the event playback video controls superimposed over the image in the first place? I have never liked the playback controls disappearing and then I have to tap on the image I am studying to get them back.

Is it too difficult to have a control bar at the bottom of the frame with buttons that don’t disappear?

The button controls in the SD playback don’t do that.

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Please use the #wishlist to suggest changes such as these. Make sure to vote on your own post!


I didn’t make suggestions. Those squiggly things at the end of the sentences are question marks.

If you have answers to those questions I would love to hear them.

I’m not sure the answer to your questions, but if you want something to change, which it sounds like you do, please use the wishlist. Wyze generally doesn’t look at these other categories, as this is a user to user and community volenteer discussion. Support is where you can talk directly about issues, and the wishlist is the only place they look for suggestions.

Thanks. Chk the profile. I’m familiar with the process.